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A Guide to Televisions

As the focal point of home excitement for the family, the right flipkart.com television can have a major effect. For a true to life experience that is immersive as well as agreeable, begin by considering what screen size is reasonable for your space and take after that with another essential choice-select the determination.

Television Screen Size

  • HD Ready – 1366 X 768 (HD setup box, DVD player).
  • Full HD – 1920 X 1080 (HD DTH, blu-ray player, PS4 or Xbox console).
  • UHD – 3840 X 2160 (4K content).
  • Up to 32” size – comedy.
  • From 32” to 46” size – Comedy, movies.
  • From 50” to 65” size – Movies, sports.
  • From 65” to 80” size – Wild life, movies, sports.

Choose Television Screen

  • OLED (Organic light emitting diodes): Deepest blacks, consumes comparatively lower power, reduced motion blur, better colors, emits its own light-no backlight.
  • LED (Light emitting diodes): Wide range of options, less expensive and backlight.
  • LCD (Liquid crystal display): LCD TV’s utilize CCFL innovation. They are bulkier than LED TV’s yet more moderate.

Smart Television

  • Display content from flipkart.com tablets of cell phones, so you can see content on a huge screen.
  • Use voice summons and hand motions, a cell phone or a console to control your TV.
  • Get content from the internet, stream recordings on the web or make video calls.
  • A few TV’s have processors and Memory (RAM) to play recordings, to run applications and to peruse the net.
  • Most keen TV’s have worked in web programs to surf the Internet and view site pages, photos and videos. Applications on flipkart smart TV are frequently preloaded, while others can likewise be downloaded from an application store. Spilling substance, for example, videos through YouTube and long range interpersonal communication on stages, for example Facebook, Twitter is regular components.
  • Regular TV can be changed as flipkart smart TV by using smart boxes, such as Android TV box or Apple TV, which turn any HDMI equipped TV into a smart TV.

Television Operating Systems

  • Android TV – Google operating system.
  • Tizen operating system – Samsung operating system.
  • WebOS – LG’s operating system.

Other Features

  • 3D television.
  • In some TV’s have converts 2D to 3D, but converted images are not immersive as native 3D content.
  • Curved screen televisions.
  • NFC Remote control: With these remotes users can browse the web and connect social media networks.
  • Wireless keyboard remote control: This remote have QWERTY keypad that helps write or send social messages, E-mail, web addresses. They work over Bluetooth.
  • Controlling smart TV’s – Motion gesture television and cameras.
  • Connecting mobiles to TV’s – Wireless screen mirroring.
  • Connecting mobiles to TV’s – MHL (Mobile high definition) wired technology.
  • Connecting laptops to TV’s – Wireless WIDI technology.
  • HDMI (High definition multimedia interface), USB (Hard drives, Pen drives), Wi-Fi, NFC (Near field communication) and Ethernet.
  • Flipkart.com offers such type of televisions, which satisfies above features.