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A Guide to Refrigerators

Stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables, safeguarding containers of hand crafted pickles, tasting on chilled beverages and popsicles, or putting away remaining sustenance, flipkart.com fridges are really a standout amongst the most helpful advancements that science and innovation has gave on us. Envision a world without these apparatuses. Consider the measure of sustenance that’ll go to waste, the amount more insufferable summer will be, and how restricted our culinary trails will be with numerous variables working to support them, it doesn’t shock anyone that today, these apparatuses are to a greater extent a need than a extravagance.

Type of Refrigerators

  • Mini refrigerator: Best for bachelors, bedroom fridge, 40 To 100 liters capacity, direct cool, compact, small or no freezer space and economical.
  • Single door refrigerator: Good for couples, small families, 150 To 300 liters capacity, direct cool, economical, ample freezer space, and digital auto defrost for few models.
  • Double door refrigerator: Good for families of three to four, 230 To 700 liters capacity, frost free, larger freezer space, vitality productive, most retire are made of toughened glass.
  • Triple door refrigerator: Good for families of four to five, 240 to 400 liters capacity, frost free, cooler on top, toughened glass racks, large, separate vegetable drawers more often than not at the base.
  • Side by side door refrigerator: Good for large families, 550 To 850 liters capacity, frost free, large sections, ample space for vegetables, toughened glass shelves, few have water/ice containers.

Other Features

  • Direct cool: It keeps sustenance solidified up to 12 Hours. Keeping up the temperature at zero degree centigrade or lower.
  • Adjustable shelves and bottle racks: Numerous refrigerators have flexible racks which can be moved to make space bigger thins. For example, flexible bottle racks, containers and split rack.
  • Antifungal removable gasket: This element keeps the development of fungi and bacteria on the door’s gasket. The gasket is anything but difficult to evacuate and clean.
  • Deodorizer: You refrigerator will undoubtedly notice foul when scents from various types of sustenance blend. The deodorizer expels scent particles utilizing capable channels and keeps the air new.
  • Toughened glass shelves: it is durable, capable of sustaining up to 150 Kg.
  • Built In voltage stabilizer.
  • Inverter compressor helps save electricity and also extends compressors life.
  • Flipkart.com offers various ranges of refrigerators.