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A Gudie to Laptops

Need to surf the internet or play games on the web, need to stream videos, make a power point presentation or alter and document, a flipkart.com laptop will give a chance to play out every one of these errands effortlessly. In spite of the fact that desktop PC, likewise help with this, they are massive and you can’t convey them starting with one place then onto the next. That is the reason the vast majority favor purchasing flipkart laptop, they are smooth, conservative, effective and can be effortlessly conveyed with you anyplace you need. So you don’t need to stress over passing up a great opportunity for all essential redesigns when you are not at work.

Types of Processors

Intel core i3, Intel core i5, Intel core i7: Focused on speed, multi tusker, optimized for ultra HD and larger screens.

Intel core m3, Intel core m5, Intel core m7: Up to 140% faster than Celeron, Optimized for battery life and responsive to commands.

Intel atom x3, Intel atom x5, Intel atom x7: Faster web browsing, Long lasting battery and optimized for ultra HD screens.

Intel Celeron dual core, Intel Celeron quad core: Longer battery life focuses on clear HD.

Intel Pentium dual core, Intel Pentium quad core: Longer battery life focuses on clear HD.

AMD FX series: It is for games, programmers, video editing, multi tusker and for graphic designers.

AMD A series (A4, A6, A8, A10): Graphics for gaming, UHD & 3D support, music and videos.

AMD E series (E1, E2): This is suitable for basic computing tasks.

In flipkart.com, there are various types of processors are available. 

Types of Operating Systems

Mac operating system.

Windows operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and etc.

Linux operating system (Ubuntu).

DOS operating system.

Chrome operating system.

Android operating system.

These operating systems are available in flipkart. 

Types of RAM (Random Access Memory)

Up to 4 GB RAM: E-mail, flipkart browsing, games, videos and office.

Up to 8 GB RAM: E-mail, browsing, games, videos, office, photoshop, audio editing and video editing.

12 GB and above: E-mail, browsing, flipkart games, videos, office, photoshop, audio editing, video editing and 3D games.

Types of Laptops

Notebook laptops.

Netbook laptops.

Ultrabook laptops.

Hybrid laptops.

Touch Screen laptops.

Flipkart offers various ranges of laptops, that are best in industry.

Types of Storage

Normally files in flipkart.com laptop are stored in Hard disks. Their capacity from 60 GB to 1.5 TB.


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