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Comics and graphic novel books: Superheroes, manga, amar chitra katha, erotica, contemporary women, humor, historical fiction books, flipkart.com science fiction books, literary, religious, romance, nonfiction, LGBT, horror, media tie-in, Indian graphic novels, anthologies, fantasy, crime and mystery.

Academic test books: Engineering books, law books, language learning books, humanities books, journalism and mass communication, mathematics books, commerce books, management studies books, medical books, computer and internet books, science books, school books.

Biographies and  Autobiographies books: Environmentalists and naturalists, business, religious, women, social activists, entertainment and performing arts, military, philosophers, royalty, medical, artists, architects and photographers, adventures and explorers, literary, law, science and technology, reference, sports, personal memories, crime and criminals, cultural heritage books, history and politics.

Business, investing and management books: Accounting, business, finance, investing, leadership, management, taxation.

Self help books: Codependency, handwriting analysis / graphology, personal growth, neuro-linguistic programming, affirmations, mood disorders, adult children of substance abusers, sexual instruction, substance abuse and addictions, motivational and inspirational, abuse, eating disorders, spiritual self help and meditation, aging, for dummies series, flipkart.com twelve step program books.

Entrance exams preparation books: Engineering books, defense books, government services books, scholarship and school level exams, educational CD’s books, general preparation books, law books, MBA books, banking exam books, UPSC exams books, finance books, teaching related exams books, medical books, international books, UGC books, SSC books.

School books: Sample papers, text books, Olympiads / scholarship exams.

Children books: Action and adventure, activity books, Disney store, children’s literature, historical fiction, poetry, classics, picture books, flipkart travel books, fairy tales, folk tales, legends and mythology, fun and humor, Indian writing, careers, early skill building, sports and recreation, religion, hobbies and interests, history, flipkart.com comics and graphic novels, knowledge and learning, growing up and life, media tie in, holidays and celebrations.


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